Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Success Rate= 100%!!!

We had a great weekend thanks to WRIR, Found Magazine, Gallery 5, the marriage of our friends Anna and Sam, and our loyal and friendly customers.

First, Chop Suey Books was on Buzzy Lawler's great show Shake Some Action on Saturday morning from 11-1 to help raise money during the WRIR (97.3 fm) fund drive. We originally challenged Chop Suey customers by doubling their donations up to $500. However, this goal was met in the first 50 minutes, so we went up to a $750 match. This goal was soon met as well, and with the help of our generous customers, we were able to add $1500 to WRIR's week long fundraiser. I'm not trying to brag on our customers too much, but WRIR says that they raised more money than ever before. Thanks friends!

Later that night, Chop Suey Books welcomed Davy and Peter Rothbart of Found Magazine to Gallery 5 for another night of discarded notes, love letters, photographs, and diary pages. As always, Davy and Peter delivered a great show. Between sets of music by Peter, Davy read from some great found notes, told a funny and touching story about their mother, and shared an essay from his new book, Requiem for a Paper Bag. He also informed us that Steve Buscemi has just finished writing a screenplay based on 3 of Davy's stories from The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas, and they are meeting soon to discuss the details. Of course, all of Davy's work is available at Chop Suey Books, as we plan to ride with him all the way to the top!

After the show, we all drove to Chesterfield to take part in the revelries following the marriage of Anna Dreesen and Sam Vanneman. If you weren't able to attend the ceremony, make sure you congratulate this newly married couple. If you were there, please don't blame us for keeping you up late. We had a crazy long day, were excited to have Davy and Peter meet all of our friends, and couldn't help ourselves with all of the magic in the air!

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