Monday, June 22, 2009

Dig It!

On Friday we received a phone call from a telemarketer: "Hello sir, my name is Anthony, and I'm calling on behalf of The Association of Richmond Country Clubs with an exciting offer for you!"

We usually receive about 5 telemarketer calls a day, and I'm usually pretty quick with getting them off the phone. But that's because they either have a very tired, depressing tone to their voices, or they are asking for Mayron Chopsuey (obviously the owner of Chop Suey Books). But there was something about the way the man calling on behalf of the Association of Richmond Country Clubs talked that kept me on the line. I'm guessing he was new at the job, because he sounded really excited, like he really believed that this offer was going to blow our minds.

I cut right to the chase. "Sorry, I don't think there's anyone at this store who would be interested in joining a country club."

"Ok, but that's not why I'm calling," he said. "The reason I am calling is to offer you a chance to advertise at 5 of Richmond' s most prestigious country clubs, and only have to pay once! That's five ads for the price of 1!"

"Yeah, sounds like a great deal, but I don't think that we'd be advertising to the right demographic," I countered.

"Oh, why's that?"

"Because," I explained, "our store pretty much stands against everything that a country club stands for."

I wasn't sure what response I was going to get from this man, but it certainly wasn't this: "Oh, I get it. Fuck the Man! Right?"

I was floored, and gave a little chuckle. Even though he sounded really sincere saying "Fuck the Man," there was a chance that he was mocking me. But worse, I was worried for him. He was really excited when he said it, his voice raising in volume. This guy is going to lose his job, I thought.

He, however, was undetered. "Right on, brother! You have a good day." And with that, he ended a phone call that, I'm assuming, made each of our days that much better.


  1. Funniest thing I've ever read. Invite this guy to BFD!

  2. Kind of sounds like the ridiculous things someone who makes phone calls at my office says.. but we don't sell advertisements at County Clubs so it can't be him.

    However, I'm pretty sure this guy got fired!