Friday, April 17, 2009

A Barrel of Fun!

Chop Suey is now touting a bright blue rain barrel made and sold by Stu Harnsberger in our front window as part of our Spring gardening selection. There are many great reasons for using rain barrels, such as saving money on your water bill, watering your garden with non-chlorinated water, easing the strain on a weak city sewer system, and so on. There are two great reasons why you should use Stu's barrels: they are cheap, and they are blue! If you have researched rain barrels, you will know that $50 per barrel comes in at well under half price of most brands. And, if you have any problems with your barrel, you will already have a direct working relationship the local manufacturer. I personally have three of Stu's barrels hooked up to my gutter system, and after this week's rain, have 165 gallons of crisp water to distribute throughout my yard. If you have any interest in utilizing such a fantastic and simple device, I fully recommend that you contact Stu!

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