Friday, March 13, 2009

Ablutions by deWitt (or, Get Your Mell On)

Attention readers, drinkers, and double-threats! Chop Suey Books now has Ablutions by Patrick deWitt, a novel about the drinking life that is receiving a lot of praise for its entrancing prose.

Dennis Cooper (Frisk) said: "Something truly fresh, something that gave me a reading experience as shivery and enlivening as I’ve had in a long time."

Luc Sante (Low Life) said: "Ablutions is funny and precarious, a novel that shifts the ground under the reader's feet, a naked-lightbulb self-examination that doesn't shy from high comedy. DeWitt has a gimlet eye and a dead aim with words."

A few months back, our good friend artist/writer Carson Mell prepared a short trailer for Ablutions that's been showing on the internet and is, ahem, THE COOLEST ADVERTISEMENT EVER MADE ON BEHALF OF A BOOK. Check it out below.

And don't forget that Carson Mell is the author of Saguaro, a little treasure of a novel about rocker Bobby Byrd. It's available for sale on his site, sure, but also at your very own Chop Suey Books.

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