Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meet Nathan...Our Intern!

Nathan is a student at Trinity Episcopal School, and as part of his junior year he is required to work 30 hours at a business to gain a larger work/world experience. For some reason, he picked Chop Suey Books! While we do have access to the world wide internet, I'm not sure how much experience he'll pick up here. We'll see. For the next few days, we'll let Nathan tell us in his own words what working at Chop Suey Books has taught him:

Day 1: Ward started me organizing the upstairs. He told me not to work too fast. So I started straightening books, filling in the negative spaces on the shelves, etc. I've decided that Muddy Waters is probably the best old-school blues man I know. I've learned 2 things so far from organizing books. A: Bruce Lee actually wrote books on karate. Pretty sweet! B: Isaac Asimov wrote a LOT of books about robots. Things are pretty laid-back so far. I'm glad I chose this job.

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